Magris Chains and components for high quality steel and plastic conveyor belts

Packaging, bottling, glassware, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and mechanical – these are the sectors in which our products get used, developed in cooperation with some of the major leading steel manufacturers and thermoplastic material manufacturers.

During all the production phases, specific tests are carried out, complying with the international standards, which provide exceptional flatness and surface finish, perfect construction of the link profile, low noise, high wear resistance to most chemical, traction and elongation, high hardness of materials, very low chain twist and long life. All characteristics that increase the sliding capacity and minimize the fall of the product, as well as ensure a reduction in the maintenance and operating costs of the facilities.

Magris products range and catalogue

Magris production range for conveyor belts includes:

  • Steel/stainless steel hinged slat chains and belts
  • Thermoplastic hinged slat chains and belts
  • Sprockets and idlers, curves, magnetic corner tracks guide rails profiles
  • Accessories and components

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